Small Tribes

STOWW provides assistance to individuals and families that meet the criteria of living below the poverty level.

                             Welcome To The STOWW Food Distribution Program


The STOWW Food Distribution Program understands that you are what you eat. We do the best we can to ensure that this is true. To ensure that we are better able to assist you we have created this website for nutrition education. We offer to you Native American recipes using commodity foods, A River of Recipes Cookbook.

We welcome suggestions that you the localized constituency may deem appropriate for sharing with others. 

Check the calendar to find out when we will be in the office updating the website and make sure the nutrition information you would like to share is sent to us by that date.

Send your nutrition education information to us at   attn: Nutrition

Recipes are interesting and fun. We want to share good food with our clients please send your favorite recipes to us so that we may proudly display them for all to see and use.

Send recipes to attn: Cookbook

If you are a participant of the STOWW Food Distribution Program and have access to a digital camera please feel free to take pictures when you visit The Small Tribes Organization of Western Washington special events, prizes awarded for pictures used on this website.

To help us help those trying to help themselves, you may donate to the STOWW Food  Distribution Program. To do so contact: Benita Lewis at or contact her at 1-800-567-6690 in Lakewood Wa. contact her at 253-589-7101 x228

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